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‘원격 조종 파동 에너지’ 흡수를 통한 저산소 난치암 치료

In the 21st century, the world faces more serious problems on food (F) energy (E), environment (E), and disease (D) than ever before. To come up with these fundamental issues, light could be one of the ideal solutions as it is one of nature’s mechanism carrying energy and information from one place to another by wavelength and frequency. Understanding how light is absorbed and transformed into more useful forms of energy would give insight into how photosensitizers can be designed to harness and control light more effectively.

This center focuses on the research strategies to contribute on the sustainable goals, called by "FEED", to achieve a better and more supportable future for all of us.

(1) Energy Recycling - To reduce global energy consumption through a photocurrent generation process which converts normally wasted indoor lighting into electricity

(2) Sonochemistry - Ultrasonic spray chemistry for hetero/multi-atom doped carbon-based materials, followed by their applications into energy storage and/or catalysts (CO2 reduction and N2 fixation)

(3) Photodynamic therapy - To overcome chronic diseases (cancer and Alzheimer’s) using photosensitizers, especially for iridium complexes, generating reactive oxygen species

Keywords: energy harvesting, energy storage, catalysts, photodynamic therapy.

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